Four Must See Spots in Montauk

This year, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Montauk, New York. I visited four truly unique locations that I highly suggest you check out below.




Our first stop, of course, was food– a hole-in-the-wall taco shop called Tacombi. The atmosphere is so fun and casual, not to mention the food is delicious.  The inside of the restaurant is styled as if it were an outdoor market. Tealights hang from the ceiling to create a cozy ambiance, crates stuffed with corn sit atop the walls, and one of my favorite aspects are the fresh pineapples on the table!


A fun feature of the restaurant is the paper menu system. Customers tick off the individual items they want so you are able to try multiple small dishes.  I tasted two tacos, one with habanero sauce and another with black beans and sweet potato.

Montauk Point Light 


Coming from Florida, I’ve seen many lighthouses, but Montauk Point Light left me in awe. Not only was this lighthouse massive in stature, but it looms above a beach covered in smooth stones and ivory shells. To mix it up, even more, you take a nature trail through the surrounding thicket to get to the beach.

Gosman’s Dock 


Gosman’s Dock is so charming. There is shopping, restaurants, and a beach. Not to mention ice cream! I enjoyed a small scoop of cookie dough ice-cream at this adorable Ben & Jerry’s.


I loved the shops here because you can find both beautiful home décor options and touristy memorabilia.


I would also suggest taking a few photos on the dock. The scenery is beautiful and lively from the port-side restaurant nearby.


Kirk Park Beach 


As you can probably tell by now, I love the Long Island beaches. Not just because they are so beautifully different from the Florida ones I am accustomed to, but because the cutest little Piper birds inhabit them! Seriously, they are so sweet, and they totally gave me Disney vibes. (If I’ve completely lost you, watch Disney’s short, Piper. This mini film will have you smiling and tearing up by the end.)


Overall, I enjoyed my time in Montauk, and I can’t wait for my next vacation.

Have you visited any of the locations I mentioned above? Did I miss one of your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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