Guide to Greenport, New York

Greenport is a quaint, seaside town on the north fork of Long Island, New York. Tourists and locals alike stroll down the sidewalks in sandals, sundresses, and gingham button-downs. Seagulls squawk overhead and the breeze smells of brine. Greenport has that typical small town feel but set beside the sea. Shop owners and clients speak to each other in a friendly, casual manner like longtime friends. I immensely enjoyed my time shopping and snacking around the town. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite spots.

Recommended Restaurants: 

  1. Deep Water Bar and Grille: I’ve had many clams from various seaside bars across the country and being a native Floridian, I have to say that these were the best I’ve tasted. These clams were locally caught off the shore of Greenport. At first, I was wary because they didn’t look as appetizing as some, but I was so surprised by the flavor! They were also very soft and completely melted in my mouth. There was not a bit of chewiness to them. IMG_5931Another item I enjoyed from this menu was their seared tuna and Thai risotto topped with a bed of wasabi aioli arugula. I have to admit that I was not impressed with the quality of this tuna. It was not the highest grade and contained a high-fat content. However, I thought the Thai risotto, which the tuna sits upon, was delicious. I could have eaten a whole meal of just that. The wasabi aioli added the perfect spicy kick to the meal. IMG_5935
  2. Luncharitos: Though I did not eat at this restaurant, I have to add it because it looks like a blast. This is a taco shop with a boardwalk carnival theme. The whole place is styled in bright colors and fun pop art. I cannot vouch for the quality of the food, but the theme is worth checking out. If you’re looking for a light meal with a focus on atmosphere, this is the restaurant for you. I’m definitely going here on my next trip. IMG_5936
  3. Claudio’s Clam Bar: This is another restaurant that has a great atmosphere. This clam bar is located right on the dock with a beautiful view of the bay. If you’re visiting Greenport during the “Tall Ships Festival” this is where you want to be. Claudio’s provides the best view of the tall ships while dining on great seafood.

Recommended Shops: 

  1. The Weathered Barn: On the front page of their website they have a quote lited that says, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” I absolutely adore this! The Weathered Barn is such an interesting home decor shop. All of their items are wholly unique. If you’re looking to pick up some exotic pieces to add to your home, you need to check out this shop. IMG_5924These condiment spoons are just one example of the unique items you can find at the Weathered Barn. Many of the pieces are handcrafted, such as these fishbone spoons from Africa. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but worth it for such interesting pieces. I love adding one of a kind items like this to my home. They’re also great conversational pieces when you’re entertaining. IMG_5927I had to snap a photo of these soaps. They had a couple different versions available, but my favorite were these white felt lavender soaps. They smelled decadent and the felt was unbelievably soft. If you don’t know what a “sachet” is, its meant to be used as incense in your shower.
  2. The Times Vintage: As I was walking down the street, I almost walked right past this small shop, but a cashmere sweater in the window caught my eye. It was cream colored with thin strips of fur detail. I immediately bought it to add to my winter collection. I cannot wait for it to become cooler in Florida so that I can show it to you all. This shop had other similar items, such as purses, hats, and scarfs all with a classic style.
  3. Sweet Indulgences: I don’t know what it is about a small town, but I have to visit their local candy shop. Sweet Indulgences did not disappoint. They have a whole wall dedicated to traditional confections and two large cases with handcrafted candies, chocolate dipped treats and truffles. My favorite purchase was a white chocolate and coconut ghost. You might have seen him make an appearance on my Instagram story– if not, go check it out.

Local Markets: 

  1. Briermere Farm: Briermere Farm is famous on Long Island for their open and close faced pies. While I was there, I tried one of their open-faced, creampies with peaches and raspberries. These pies retail at $35, but they’re totally worth it! The custard they use is so light and tasty– one of the best I’ve had! IMG_5886I would also recommend picking up their locally grown produce while you are there. Their fruits and vegetables are obviously grown with love. Everything has such a bright color and distinct taste. I was particularly impressed with the carrots I purchased. They were perfectly crisp and delicious– nothing like store-bought carrots. IMG_5890
  2. Lombardi’s Love Lane Market: Pick up meats at the Italian deli and a bottle of wine on Love Lane. This market had a large deli dedicated to handcrafted meats. They also have a whole corner of the shop for wines. The little details, such as this bouquet of wildflowers, sold me on this market. IMG_5895
  3. The Village Cheese Shop: Pick up cheese and a loaf of freshly baked bread here. They have an abundant selection of cheeses. Two that I bought were a porter made with Guinness and a truffle goat cheese. The porter was marbled with mauve and had a unique tang that I absolutely loved. The goat cheese had a perfect amount of truffle flavor and was gooey enough to spread easily across the bread. I will definitely make another trip to this cheese market the next time I visit Greenport. IMG_5892

Vineyard to Visit: 

  1. Martha Clara Vineyard: The aspect I enjoyed most about this vineyard was the grounds. They have two barns, one to order wine and the other for indoor seating. They also have a large porch with tables, picnic-style tables in the grass, and yard games. I always enjoy a rustic glam setting, and that is what Martha Clara is striving for. I have to mention, in order to keep this post completely transparent, that I am not partial to Long Island wine. The wines in this vineyard are grown locally, which is great, I just happen to be particular about the wines I enjoy. This is absolutely not to say that their wine is not quality, it only means I’m a bit snobby about wine.

IMG_5941You may recognize a couple ingredients in this photo like the cheese and bread which I purchased from the Village Cheese Shop. A fun aspect of Martha Clara Vineyard is that you can bring your own snacks if you sit on the lawn. They do not allow you to bring your own food indoors since they have a small refrigerated section of snacks for sale. I would be wary that their selection is small. It’s worth bringing your own bread and cheese. IMG_5947

A visit to this winery was a lovely ending to my weekend in Greenport. It was so nice to sit out in the yard, sip wine, and eat great cheeses. This is a perfect place to relax after a busy day of shopping at the port.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Greenport. What are your favorite places? Did I miss any that you love? If you visit any that I recommend, come back and tell me! I’d love to hear about your experience.

I’ve already written an article about the south fork of Long Island, New York. If you’re interested in traveling to that area, I will leave the link to that article here.

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