Dapper Day + Dressed to the 9 3/4ths Celebration of Harry Potter

If you like vintage fashion, Disney and/or Harry Potter, you’ve come to the right place! I was lucky enough to attend both of these events last year (and Dapper Day this year since it is hosted biannually). I wrote guides for both of these events on Best of Orlando. If you didn’t know, I’m a frequent contributor/writer to Best of Orlando and Orlando Fun Tickets where I write articles on all things Disney and Universal. So, I’m leaving both of the links to these articles here so you can easily access them!


Dapper Day Introduction:

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Dapper Day is a biannual unofficial event hosted at Disney World. This is a great excuse to dress up in your most elegant or vintage attire. Fancy Disney bounds are popular, but not necessary. Read more about what to wear, when to go, and where to stay during Dapper Day Weekend here!



Dress: Purchased from a pop-up boutique at the Dapper Day convention center held in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Dressed to the 9 3/4ths Introduction:

Dressed to the 9 3/4ths is Universal’s rendition of Dapper Day hosted by the Central Florida Slug Club. The exception being that your costume should be inspired by all things Harry Potter. Grab your pearls and wands and head over to my article to learn more! Also, I tease three stores that currently sell the best fanciful Harry Potter inspired attire. Click here to check it out.



If you’re interested in reading more of my articles, I’ll link my author page here! Thank you for your support!

*All photos are from past events*




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