Complimentary Polishing at Tiffany & Co.

Bringing my jewelry to be polished used to be such a pain because it had to be sent out to be cleaned. Now, they offer FREE cleanings in store. You may still choose to have your jewelry sent away to be cleaned, but this is so much more convenient. I brought a few pieces in the other day to try it out, and I have to show you the difference it made.


If you’ve never had your jewelry polished at Tiffany and Co., there is a back ‘Customer Service’ room in each store where you can speak to a representative. They will help you decide whether you should have your pieces cleaned in-store or sent away.  Most pieces can be polished to perfection for free in store, but some may have better results if sent away. One of my bracelets has jade beads and a silver charm– this piece would benefit from being sent out so that the jade is not damaged by the polish soak.


Here are the three pieces I brought in. As you can see, these items are pretty tarnished, especially the necklace. Scroll down and you’ll be astonished by how bright they shine!


In a quick thirty minutes, you’ll have your polished pieces presented to you in new flannel Tiffany blue bags. It felt like the first day I was gifted these pieces. They shined like new, despite some of the items being over five years old.  Because of these cleanings, I have been able to keep all of my Tiffany jewelry in impeccable shape.

Tip: the more you wear your jewelry the longer you can go without getting the silver polished. The oils from our skin prevent the silver from tarnishing.


Bring in all of those pieces you’ve been dying to see sparkle– it’s free!


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