5 Farmer’s Market Staples

Today I’m sharing my farmer’s market stables. These items I get every Sunday when I visit the market. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to go to a new market with many vendors trying to sell you on their products, but if you stick to these staples, you’ll be able to shop for the week!


After purchasing these main food items, I will then venture off and pick out a few tasty dishes I haven’t tried before. At my local farmer’s market, I like to sip on a Thai Iced tea while I shop. On this visit, I purchased a few spicy Jamaican empanadas, homemade macaroons, and fresh fish dip.


Staple #1: 

My first stop is tomatoes. There are so many dishes you can create with tomatoes so I make sure to always buy at least three for the week. They’re great on salads, in sandwiches, on top black bean burgers, or you could even make fresh salsa. If you’re entertaining that week, think about serving fried tomatoes and a dip as a unique snack!


Aren’t these veggies stunning? I always find I buy more when they’re displayed in charming wicker boxes. They certainly are more appetizing this way.

Other veggies staples for me are lettuce, onions, and avocado. Chop up all three along with the tomatoes and serve over rice for a healthy bowl. This is a quick and easy lunch I often make myself.


Staple #2:

Next, I always get two loaves of bread. I like a french beget to go with sliced cheese or to dip in soups. I will also get a soft loaf, such as garlic, herb focaccia for sandwiches.


Staple #3:

One of my favorite booths– fruit! I love buying fruits as a healthy snack. A fruit staple is lemons. You can use them in your morning lemon water, tea, or as a salad dressing. I will then pick out a few seasonal fruits for my snack. This trip it happened to be the papaya. Yum!


Staple #4: 

Don’t forget to take home something sweet. After all these healthy options, you’ll want to treat yourself to an after dinner dessert. There are many vendors selling fresh baked goods. I would suggest taking a lap around before choosing your most perfect sweet.


Staple #5:

Fresh flowers are always a must. I don’t always take home an orchid– these ones just happened to be extraordinarily vibrant. I usually will pick out a few cut flowers for my dining room table vase. Fresh flowers brighten up the home and put a smile on everyone’s face.

I hope you enjoyed my farmer’s market staples. Let me know what you purchase on your Sunday trip? Are there any unique vendors in your area? I’d love to discuss it with you below. Have a sweet week!

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