Spilling 4 Tips to Enhance Your Tea Parties

Today I am spilling three tips to enhance your tea parties! Yes, grown-up tea parties are a thing and you should host them. There’s not much better than having your friends over for warm tea and cookies.

Tip #1:

That brings us to my first tip! You should always serve something sweet. I prefer cookies at my tea parties because they’re easy to eat and fun to dip. On a recent visit to the farmer’s market, I discovered a stand that sold Lotus Flower Blossom cookies. They were absolutely delicious– and the perfect, unique treat to serve at a tea party. Lotus Flower cookies taste like a delicate, crunchy funnel cake. I will link a recipe to the Thai dessert here.


Tip #2: 

Use sugar cubes instead of granulated sugar in a bowl. Today, I am serving sparkling grapefruit flavored Luxe Cubes from Teaspressa. It’s hard to see the sparkle, but in person, these blush pink cubes are lightly dusted in glitter. There are many other sugar cubes options to choose from. Some even contain flower petals. A few the flavors offered are rose, London fog, salted caramel, and raspberry.


Tip #3: 

Serve a blooming tea. I used to get my tea from Teavana, but since they closed all of their locations, I had to search for a new brand. I found this one from Amazon for cheap! Blooming tea is fun for guests because you are able to watch the flower petals open as the leaves seep. I was able to purchase a 3.5 oz can from Teabloom with 12 flowers.  They came in six flavors: jasmine, pomegranate, strawberry, rose, litchi, and peach. I choose strawberry to pair with my grapefruit sugar. I’ll leave a link to the exact tea here on Amazon. I will also link the brand directly if you would prefer to purchase from Teabloom. Both were around $21.


Tip #4: 

Decorative dishtowels and cloth napkins for serving are a must. Since my tea set is all white, I wanted to add a pop of color to my party, so I chose with decorative dishtowel from Anthropologie. I also have the matching cloth napkins that I served with each teacup. I will leave a link to the Paige Gemmel Palace Portrait dishtowel featured in the photo here.

I hope these four tips give your tea parties that extra sparkle! If you use any of these, tag me in your photos. I’d love to see them!


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